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AV defect (sinus venosus) Sinus venosus defect with large shunt in 61 year old women (!)
AV-malformation Hepatic AV-Malformation
CAD, AMI, delayed imaging 1 Small myocardial infarction not detected by SestaMIBI imaging
CAD, AMI, delayed imaging 2 Large anterior myocardial infarction with large transmurality
CAD, RV infarction Right ventricular infarction, CABG induced ...
Cardiac tumor, benign Left Sided Atrial Myxoma Supplied from the Left Circumflex Artery
Cardiac tumor, cyst Giant Pericardial Cyst  (published in Kardiovaskuläre Medizin, ch)
Cardiac tumor, malignant Pericardial Angiosarcoma
Coronary anomaly Coronaries: Left Main Stem Originating from the Right Coronary Sinus
Coronary connector Coronary Connector Study
Coronary post AMI Coronaries: Proximally amputated LAD with Subsequent Severe Anterior Myocardial Infarction
Coronary wall Coronary Wall Imaging, healthy volunteer
Coronary wall Coronary Wall Imaging, patient with heavy calcifications of LAD and CMR imaging
Cardiomyopathy, non compaction Atypical form of isolated ventricular noncompaction (work in progress for publication)
HOCM, pseudo CMR excluded HOCM in a patient with fainting thought to be eligible for iatriogenic septal infarction
Pulmonary artery, giant trunc Giant (Idiopathic ?) Pulmonary Trunc  
Pulmonary artery, stenosis Left Pulmonary Artery Stenosis of moderate severity in 7 year old infant after Switch Operation
Stress MRI (bicycle) Real time CMR and bycicle exercise testing in the scanner ...
Vascular ring Vascular Ring in 15 year old asymptomatic girl, double aortic arch ...
Giang Pulmonary artery, second case Giant (Idiopathic ?) Pulmonary Trunc in a 51 year old subject with severe aortic stenosis
Severe asymptomatic postductal coarctation in a 15 year old subject with LV dysfunction View case Presentation 01/2005 here
Suspicion of fibroelastoma in the left ventricle View slide presentation clip1 clip2 clip3